Controlling Med Mal Costs for Healthcare Providers in Indiana

Healthcare reform, the introduction of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), mandatory electronic medical billing and records, tough HIPAA enforcement, and a litigious environment has resulted in physicians, surgeon groups and hospital staff facing greater professional liability exposures. For example, although HIPAA was established in 1996, today you have increasingly more federal agencies and contract firms conducting audits to look at how technology is being used in a practice, and whether a violation exists. These audits are exposing more practices to the possibility of non-compliance.

Also, with the establishment of Accountable Care Organizations, exposures can arise from the development and implementation of ACO policies and procedures for case management, quality assurance, credentialing, utilization review, etc. for all providers within its organization. It also develops policies and procedures that apply to services provided through outsourcing to other parties. If something goes wrong with a patient’s care, the ACO may find itself liable as it has established the standard of care procedures. With the establishment of these procedures, comes the need for a robust Medical Malpractice product to protect the ACO against potential and emerging exposures.

To address these and other professional liability exposures, leading MGU and wholesaler Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services provides Medical Malpractice insurance for large physicians and surgeon groups and hospital staff in the state of Indiana. The program is written through Midwest Insurance Group, which is rated “A” by Demotech. The Doctor’s Insurance Group Program as its known provides the following coverage features:

  • Primary or Excess Professional Liability
  • Claims Made or Occurrence Form
  • Primary Limits up to $250,000/$1,250,000
  • Participation in Indiana’s Patient Compensation Fund (PCF)
  • No Minimum Premium
  • Extended Reporting Period Available
  • Optional SIRs Available

Indiana’s Patient Compensation Fund has a statutory cap of $1,250,000 in Professional Liability and Med Mal limits which eliminates the possibility of huge dollar verdicts. In fact, in recent years, because of the PCH, Indiana has been one of a handful of states that has avoided a medical malpractice insurance crisis.